Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week Three: Thank You to a Mentor

"Maestro's Touch"
"Play with Consequences"

Now it is the waiting period.  I have done all I can creating this new body of work and now it is time to wait to deliver to the museum, wait for the opening, wait for the response. Waiting is driving me crazy!!  While I was building and working in the studio I felt in control. I made the decisions on how to move forward and push my work and develop my skills.  But now I have to release control and let the chips fall where they may, and that is not an easy thing to do for someone that is goal oriented and, well, a bit of a control freak.

But during this time I want to thank someone who made this opportunity possible.  No, this is not an awards speech in which I list everyone who I have worked with through this project, although I am grateful for what everyone has done including my family. (Yes, that was my awards shout out.)  Instead I want to focus on one person who has been instrumental in my growth as an artist.  I am extremely blessed to have the support of Carr McCuiston at the Signature Contemporary Craft Gallery in Atlanta. Carr has been a coach and mentor to me from the beginning of my career and I am so lucky to have the encouragement from someone so respected and knowledgable in contemporary craft.  I know I am not alone in stating that Carr strives to bring out the best in every artist she represents and that is a rare quality.

It is because of Carr's relationship and recommendation to the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art that the Shadow Circus exhibition is a reality.  It is a precious opportunity not only because it has challenged my work conceptually and technically, but has also allowed me to develop my narratives beyond the boundaries within which I was working.  Thank you Carr for all you work and support!!

And if you haven't yet been to Signature Contemporary Craft Gallery, it is well worth a trip to see all the outstanding artists she represents.  I am so very honored to be among them.