Monday, March 17, 2014

A few spaces are left for a special figurative workshop in April!  

Narrative Potential of the Figure Workshop

This four day workshop will allow a more thorough examination of the figure and the seamless addition of narrative elements.

Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga TN

April 4th - April 7th, 9am - 5pm

Special presentation of new work and slide lecture at River Gallery on Saturday, 6 - 7pm.

As a vehicle for story telling there are an infinite number of ways to express and interpret the figure.  In this four day workshop, we will explore the powerful narrative potential of the human form through the construction of the full figure.  While special attention will be paid to human anatomy and proportions, we will also focus on expression and gesture as the powerhouses of storytelling.  Students will be asked to bring in narrative inspirational materials, such as the written word, objects, photographs, etc.  We will use these items as a springboard to build a figure that expresses a story and discuss how to add mixed media and found objects to create a seamless narrative.  Class time will also include field trips to local treasure troves of inspiration!!  Chattanooga is the perfect environment to get lost in inspiration and Townsend Atelier is a true creative gem. 

For more information contact Peggy or Stan Townsend at Townsend Atelier.