Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 12: Images of What's To Come

The kids are gone for a couple weeks so I am working like a madman trying to get work done and take full advantage of the uninterrupted time.  I have so many pieces in process that I can hardly keep them all straight, let alone put together a cohesive blog that would be even mildly entertaining.  So instead, I'll give you a sneak peak of the process/chaos in the studio.  Enjoy!!

Full figure, approximately 3 1/2 feet from foot to rear.  Will be holding something special.  I love how the feet turned out!

 Figure riding an old victorian rocking horse.  The strap is to support the arm until it sets-up.

This is a table top piece that is riding an antique riveter I purchased at Antique Archeology in Nashville.  It will appear at my show at Copper Fox on August 3rd.  Right now it is driving me crazy trying to get the right position without putting too much stress on the joints.

These figures will appear on a antique handbuilt wooden car jack.  Can you guess what it will be about?

 One of two larger heads in the beginning stages.

Another medium figure finished with the first coat of stain.  Drips and splashes!

Another batch of small heads waiting to be fired with a second batch in the coming down the assembly line.
That's about how I feel right now.  Pooped!