Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 14: Guideposts

Over the past few weeks I have moved in several different directions at one time, which is always very frustrating for me. When there are too many voices in the studio, story lines get muddled and start to bleed into one another.  I eventually had to wrap up everything else and focus on one path: Internal Guideposts.

Interestingly, during the exploration of light and shadow I have found myself focusing on the themes that may characterize our life, such as ambition, secrecy, balance, grace, etc.  It is how we deal with these themes that shapes our journey.  Rather than examine the ideas through the context of a story, I have instead found myself creating individual characters that embody and symbolize these themes, but in a way that identifies the benefits and pitfalls inherent in each.  I see these figures as internal guides that we can reach out to as needed.

Ambition, you are a constant shadowy figure in my world. You allow me to see my goals clearly and move towards them but you also warn me to do so with compassion, understanding and patience.

Grace, you are forever on the horizon and yet remind me that you are also inside.

Secrecy's chains can hold me back and keep me from others, but they are also the wishes and prayers I send out for myself and others and those secrets are magical.

And the perfect reliquary for each guide is an old clock case. Time plays a large roll in a lot of my work. I am always fighting time. There is never enough of it and it is usually not until it has passed that I truly appreciate what I had. It is precisely that reason I don't wear a watch: I don't want time to have power. But of course, I am kidding myself.  It will always have the last word.  So eventually each Guidepost will be lovingly housed in its own clock case, reminding us that time is the context of all.

Also this week:

  • replicated horse skull to pair with antique rocking horse.
  • finished 1/2 scale crouched figure
  • finished 5 small heads
  • starting full figure examining "limitation" theme